Welding work

Welding from RGS GmbH

Different welding procedures performed by experienced professionals are included in the complete portfolio of RGS recycling systems GmbH in Kirchdorf am Inn. Welding performed by professionals is an important part of system engineering in our company and ensures the durability of RGS systems.

Welding on a subcontracting basis

In addition to the importance of welding for our own system engineering, RGS GmbH also offers companies in Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg welding on a subcontracting basis performed by experienced welders. We offer our customers an exact analysis of their requirements as well as a professional weldability check. With the highest precision and experience, our employees produce welded assemblies in small and large series.


Your benefits at a glance:

  • Outstanding price-performance ratio
  • All welding work of the highest quality
  • Flexibility in case of overcapacities in your company
  • Absolute adherence to schedule
  • Personal consulting with an experienced team
  • Production in an innovative production environment

Welding procedures by RGS recycling systems GmbH

MIG (metal inert gas welding) means welding using a light arc (between the workpiece and the metal electrode) and a chemically inactive (inert) protective gas. The protective gas does not bind to the workpiece.

MAG (metal active gas welding) describes welding using a chemically active protective gas that binds to the workpiece materials being machined and consequently modifies its composition.

TIG (tungsten inert gas welding) is a welding procedure that presents many benefits. With TIG welding, it is possible to weld almost any weldable workpiece. Since it does not involve working with a melting electrode, the welder can add as much filler metal as required for the welding task. This keeps welding distortions extremely low. TIG welding allows for high-quality welded seams and is suitable for particularly sophisticated workpieces with a very high service life.


Best quality as a principle

Welding must be carried out by specialists with the appropriate certification and the required practical knowledge. For many assemblies and components, the quality of the welding seams has a great influence on the quality and the durability of the product. With this in mind, the RGS GmbH team of welders processes every workpiece with the highest precision. We are also committed to the quality standard “Made in Germany” when fulfilling welding commission orders.

Are you looking for a partner for high-quality welding?

Then contact the RGS GmbH team in Kirchdorf am Inn!

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