Surface engineering

RGS recycling systems GmbH - Top-quality surface engineering

RGS recycling systems GmbH is the perfect partner for surface engineering in southern Bavaria. With RGS, there is no limit to the treatment of machine parts, tools and other workpieces.

The spraying and painting cabin with a surface area of 4 x 9 m and a height of 3.5 m offers extensive possibilities for corrosive surface engineering and painting. Our in-house paint mixing plant expands the possibilities and allows us to offer our customers from the mechanical engineeringprototype construction and conveyor technology sectors the possibility to get paint mixtures and the painting process from a single source.

This allows RGS to first treat products with corrosive surface engineering and then paint them with your own company branding. We also expand our portfolio with spraying and painting as subcontracts.

Corrosive surface engineering carried out by experts

RGS recycling systems offers a very special service to its customers: As a partner in the planning and implementation of complete conveyor systems as well as machine parts and tools, we also carry out the corrosive treatment of your products. The abrasive we use is generally steel shot, but we also offer sandblasting using other conventional abrasives.

Of course, the portfolio of RGS recycling systems in Kirchdorf am Inn (Bavaria) also includes spraying machines parts, tools and other workpieces as subcontracts.


Painting by RGS recycling systems GmbH

RGS’ wide range of services also includes painting. Expertise, an in-house paint mixing plant and a large painting cabin allow us to deliver machine components and tools with your own company branding without having to instruct third parties with the paint mixing and surface finish.

The combination of blasting and the use of high-quality paint allows us to achieve a corrosion protection class of up to C5-I (industry standard) according to DIN EN ISO 12944. This is the highest standard achievable with the exception of coatings for underwater or underground environments. This also distinguishes your partner in Kirchdorf am Inn (Bavaria) from others in this area thanks to our very high quality standards. 

Of course, the portfolio of RGS recycling systems GmbH also includes paint work on a fee basis, be it for superstructures or steel workpieces. They are all treated by qualified experts according to the highest industry standards, such as scaffoldings, platforms or other workpieces.

RGS recycling systems GmbH offers its customers comprehensive services. Do you have any questions concerning surface engineering or painting?

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