Magnetic separator

Magnetic separators: Safely separate foreign bodies from bulk material

RGS recycling systems GmbH offers compact magnetic separators for closed and safe conveyor systems. Ensuring that bulk material remains free from foreign bodies is an important quality criterion, which is always taken into account in the systems of RGS GmbH from Kirchdorf am Inn.

Our experience and constant dialogue with customers have shown the RGS team that separating pieces of iron is very important for the quality of the conveyed material as well as for smooth system operations. This is why magnetic separators are an important component in closed conveyor systems produced by the manufacturer from Kirchdorf am Inn.

Ensure smooth plant operations with magnetic separators

Impurities in the transported material have a negative impact on the quality of the bulk material and prevent the smooth operation of the conveyor technology and shredder systems. Unwanted parts in the bulk material can lead to disruption in plant operations or even damage the plant.

These production problems can bring the entire production to a standstill and have a very negative effect on the value creation of production processes. To avoid these serious problems and higher costs, RGS GmbH consistently uses compact magnetic separators to remove unwanted pieces of iron in the transported material.

Drum magnets for the separation of parts

Drum magnets are integrated in the conveyor system to safely remove the smallest ferro-magnetic materials from the bulk material, even at very high conveying rates. In RGS GmbH installations, the removed material lands separately in a integrated collection box. Using a drum magnet is ideal for installations such as chippers for pallets, packaging and waste wood (pallet chips).

Technical data & operation:

  • Areas of application: Sawdust and wood chips, recycling material and shredded waste
  • Material flows: up to 80 m³/h
  • Max. size: Chip size 0.5-100 mm (special versions up to 200 mm possible)

Filtering out metallic impurities using a pipe magnet

A pipe magnet integrated into the installation is equipped
with a large cylindrical permanent magnetic core. This magnet
filters out pieces of iron from the material flow and holds them
in place with magnetic poles until they are cleaned.

Technical data & operation:

  • Particularly suitable for: Shredded & wood waste
  • Material flows: up to 4 m³/h
  • Max. size: Max. length 45 mm (P16S)

No matter whether you choose a drum, band or pipe magnet, integrating a suitable magnetic separator into RGS GmbH conveyor and shredder systems considerably reduces the risk of plant malfunctions and failures. In addition, using a magnetic separator improves the quality of the bulk material and thus increases the quality of its subsequent processing.
When choosing a suitable magnetic separator, the experienced RGS GmbH team from Bavaria gives its customers tailor-made advice according to their requirements in the production process.

Do you have any questions about magnetic separators and their integration into installations?

Then contact the RGS expert at Kirchdorf am Inn! We look forward to discussing the matter with you.

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