Flexible & rigid spiral conveyors

Spiral conveyors for highly flexible conveyor systems from RGS GmbH

When flexibility is required in a conveyor system, the conveyor technology specialist RGS GmbH uses flexible and rigid spiral conveyors for the transport of bulk material. The big advantage of spiral conveyors is their shaftless construction, which allows them to easily overcome very curvy and winding transport routes.

Spiral conveyors transport bulk material continuously and reliably from A to B and have proven to be important components within the conveyor systems built by RGS recycling systems GmbH.

Areas of application for spiral conveyors

Flexible and rigid spiral conveyors are the best solution for highly flexible conveyor technology. Spiral conveyors built by RGS GmbH from Kirchdorf am Inn are often used for the following transport tasks:

  • Filling/feeding production machines
  • Filling silos and tanks
  • Loading and unloading tankers and lorries

Rigid or flexible spiral conveyor? Make the right choice with RGS GmbH

When selecting a suitable spiral conveyor for the construction of individual conveyor solutions, the RGS GmbH team relies on a comprehensive consulting process. Together with our customer, we consider the requirements for the conveyor system within the production process. The following requirement parameters are a crucial factor when deciding between a flexible and a rigid spiral conveyor: What gradient must be overcome during the conveyor process? What is the average quantity conveyed? What bulk material is to be transported? What process length must be overcome with the conveyor system?


The answers to these important questions allow the experts at RGS recycling systems GmbH to choose the optimal spiral conveyor for integration into your conveyor system.  For particularly demanding projects, the Bavarian mechanical engineer also offers “conveyor tests” so that our customers only receive the best and highest-possible conveyor rate.


All the required additions such as receiving hoppers, drains and gate valves are integrated by RGS technicians when planning individual conveyor systems.

Low maintenance and stable conveyor operation

An important argument in favour of integrating flexible and rigid spiral conveyors into conveyor systems is the extremely low maintenance cost of these components. RGS GmbH spiral conveyors are distinguished by the highest quality standards which, in combination with the simple construction, leads to very low maintenance requirements. Our spiral conveyors’ solid construction allows them to make a substantial contribution to production processes with very few failures and plant downtimes.

The combination of longevity and flexibility is an important argument in favour of spiral conveyors for many customers of the conveyor technology specialist. Do you have any questions about RGS GmbH spiral conveyors?

Then contact the team in Kirchdorf am Inn!

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