Conveyor technology

Custom conveyor technology from RGS recycling systems GmbH

RGS GmbH in Kirchdorf am Inn specialises in custom conveyor technology. From simple conveyor solutions to complex conveyor systems, control system included, the mechanical engineering experts at RGS GmbH develop tailor-made systems for the transport of bulk materials.

Conveying with systems from RGS: Quality “Made in Germany”

As an experienced mechanical engineer focused on conveyor technology, RGS GmbH offers its customers quality “Made in Germany”. The RGS team attaches great importance to individual consulting and the implementation of conveyor solutions that integrate optimally into production processes. RGS GmbH considers the increase in added value as an important element in the creation of new conveyor systems. The Bavarian company uses belt conveyorsspiral conveyors (flexible and rigid spirals) and screw conveyors as important core elements for the transportation of bulk materials.

In addition to durability and economic efficiency, conveyor technology from RGS GmbH is characterised by its

  • quiet operation
  • high conveyor rate
  • great energy efficiency

RGS recycling systems GmbH offers his customers the highest security of investment for the acquisition of new conveyor systems.


Conveying with a system: Industry solutions from RGS GmbH

RGS GmbH in Kirchdorf am Inn offers tailor-made industry solutions and meets the different requirements of each sector in a targeted manner. Our company offers conveyor systems for

  • Heating systems (pellets & wood chips)
  • Biomass & renewable energies
  • Plastic processing industry
  • Power plants
  • Animal feed industry / Feed manufacturers
  • Foodstuffs industry
  • Recycling

Efficient industry solutions are created in Kirchdorf am Inn for the transport of all kinds of bulk materials. RGS recycling systems promises high quality “Made in Germany”.

Consulting and planning by experts

When acquiring a new RGS GmbH conveyor system, our customers greatly appreciate the professional and intensive consulting provided by our experienced team. Whether industrial companies are planning large conveyor systems or pellets simply have to be transported to the boiler – the Kirchdorf am Inn team analyses the requirements with an experienced eye and develops efficient conveyor technology.

For RGS GmbH, consulting means providing intensive support, from the initial conversation and CAD construction through to systems engineeringcommissioning and servicing of the conveyor systems. RGS GmbH always provides its customers with competent support and a high degree of problem-solving expertise in matters of conveying.

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Service and maintenance across the entire life-cycle

Regular professional maintenance increases the service life of systems and ensures the flawless operation of your conveyor system. With this in mind, RGS GmbH offers maintenance contracts for the regular servicing of system components. The quick and smooth spare parts service is another important component of RGS’ range of services. Customers who choose conveyor technology from Kirchdorf am Inn get constant individual and fully committed support!

Do you have any questions about RGS GmbH conveyor technology in Bavaria?

Then contact our team and ask for a non-binding consultation!

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