CAD construction by the experts at RGS GmbH

New conveyor and shredder systems are planned down to the last detail by RGS recycling systems GmbH using modern CAD construction. As a supplier of individual shredder and conveyor systems, RGS GmbH uses tailor-made planning processes as the basis for the high quality of their systems “Made in Germany”. Our customers expect shredder  and conveyor systems  that integrate seamlessly into their production processes and meet their company’s workflow exactly. Our team attaches great importance to a very intensive dialogue with customers in order to get a holistic overview of their processes.


RGS engineers in Kirchdorf am Inn get to work on the basis of these specific customer requirements. Our construction team is made up of professionals with years of experience in the construction of closed conveyor systems. From 3D models and technical drawings for production to assembly instructions, our CAD experts lay the foundations for successful customer projects.


RGS GmbH works with Creo Elements/Direct

RGS recycling systems GmbH works in construction with the most popular CAD tool in mechanical engineering, Creo Elements/Direct (formerly known as CoCreate Modelling). Our development engineers regularly expand their skills in Creo Elements/Direct through training courses and refine their extensive practical knowledge.

The collaborative approach to work of the Creo Elements/Direct software becomes visible to our customers in the reduced time-to-market. This approach is in step with the entire development process of RGS GmbH. Construction always works in close collaboration with the customer and the other departments of the mechanical engineer from Kirchdorf am Inn.

Expert engineering ensures the success of projects

The high degree of expertise in construction not only includes geometrical simulation, but also physical simulations during the construction of new systems. This allows RGS GmbH engineers to take into consideration physical forces and their consequences (deformation, breaking stress, elongation, etc.) of a planned system as soon as the construction phase. This central element of CAD construction offers our customers an important pillar for maximum security of investment.


Only after all calculation models and CAD constructions have been processed flawlesslywill RGS GmbH engineers actually implementing your system.

Do you have any questions about RGS GmbH CAD construction? Do you want to talk to our development engineers?

Then contact our team in Kirchdorf am Inn!

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