Belt conveyor

Belt conveyor: Classic conveyor technology from RGS GmbH

The belt conveyor is a classic component of conveyor technology and can transport bulk materials and general cargo extremely efficiently over very large distances. As a full-service provider for conveyor systems, RGS GmbH from Kirchdorf am Inn offers the planning and construction of individual belt conveyors. Our industrial customers from different sectors greatly appreciate the professional design and quality of our products.

Belt conveyors – efficient, economical and low-maintenance

For the customers of RGS GmbH, these properties are what make the belt conveyor an important component for conveyor solutions. The Bavarian mechanical engineer offers tailor-made belt conveyors that allow you to transport bulk materials and general cargo over great distances. While the output of a belt conveyor is very high, its power consumption remains relatively low. In times of increasing energy costs, this is an important argument in favour of belt conveyors for RGS customers. The relatively simple installation and the use of robust components make belt conveyors built by RGS recycling systems GmbH extremely low-maintenance and reliable in ongoing conveying operations.

Belt conveyor technology from RGS GmbH: Safety comes first

A belt conveyor has many advantages. RGS GmbH attaches great importance to the best possible occupational health and safety during the planning and execution of belt conveyors. Belt conveyors must be secured with emergency stop equipment (usually a rip cord) and coverings over potential pinch points and carrier rollers. This is the only way belt conveyors are able to meet the necessary safety requirements pursuant to EN 620:2002. Planning with the experts from Kirchdorf am Inn ensures efficient operation and the best occupational safety when operating the belt conveyor.

Magnetic belt conveyor – sorting out unwanted parts

Our customers can sort out metallic parts (pieces of iron) from the bulk material and general cargo very efficiently and simply by using RGS GmbH’s magnetic belt conveyors. Magnetic belt conveyors are often used for sorting bulk material (e.g. in recycling and shredder plants). To achieve the best possible sorting result, the RGS recycling systems GmbH team plans each magnetic belt conveyor according to individual requirements in the conveyor process.

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